Chartered Surveyors Brentwood

We offer a range of Chartered Surveyors Brentwood services for Residential and Commercial property.Regardless of whether you need a quick assessment or a full charted building survey, we can help! Whatever the property Simon Matthews provide a high end, reliable service for a wide range of new and old properties throughout Brentwood and the rest of the UK. We provide a full report on any sort of property. It records all deformities, issues and gives a detailed plan on how much the repairs will cost.

There are a number of different services offered.

  • Condition Report – We deliver clients a truthful assessment of the properties condition on the date of inspection. Including; the state of the building’s construction at the time of inspection, any defects that require serious action, things that need investigation in order to evade damage to property, and issues or faults that could potentially cause risk to safety, therefore needing additional examination.
  • Building Surveys
  • Full Structural Surveys
  • Home Buyer Surveys.

These include a Condition Report and Valuation.

Chartered Surveyors Brentwood
Chartered Surveyors Brentwood

When undertaking Building Surveys we only comment on the Elements which we can see without moving furniture, structure and fixtures and fittings.

We inspect all external elements such as Roof, Chimneys, Lead work ( where visible) guttering, walls, windows and doors, fencing, trees which may have the potential to cause structural damage to the property and drainage , where inspection chambers are available.

Internally we inspect the loft space, visual inspection of the Central Heating Boiler and any gas appliances, electrical facilities and consumer units along with electrical fittings, Kitchen and Bathroom facilities, internal condition of joinery and decorations and take Damp Meter Readings.

Our reports will provide you with the essential information and recommendations when building a new property. A Building Survey is a progressively thorough investigation of a property. It is popular for those who are in the property devlopment industry or for individuals who have purchased a building to carry out checks. It is the most extensive survey method accessible for private properties and provides detailed assessments of a property’s condition.

The Building Survey report will inform you of the state of the property and recognize the property’s deformities, what their causes are, how they can be fixed and the dangers faced is they are left unattended.

So, if you are looking for Chartered Surveyors Brentwood, call us today and speak to our friendly staff team.

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