Commercial And Residential Surveys

Are you looking for Commercial And Residential Surveys? Here at Simon Matthew & Co. Ltd we offer a range of Structural Survey services for both Residential & Commercial properties throughout the South East of England.

There are several different services that we provide, these include:

  • Condition Report
  • Building Surveys
  • Full Structural Surveys
  • Home Buyer Surveys.

These include a Condition Report and Assessment.

Commercial And Residential Surveys
Commercial And Residential Surveys

Here at Simon Matthew our Commercial and Residential Surveys report is custom-fitted to your specific requirements. It gives thorough points of the property’s development, structure, uses, and deformities. It incorporates a detailed appraisal of the state of the property and gives specialised guidance on issues and remedial works.  When we are undertaking Structural Surveys, we only make remarks on the Elements which we can see without tampering with structure, furniture, fittings & fixtures.

We inspect all outdoor foundations such as the roof, chimney, visible lead work, guttering, walls, windows and doors, fencing, trees which may have the potential to cause structural damage to the property and drainage, where inspection chambers are available. This Structural Survey is perfect for any private, commercial or other property of any size, type or development regardless of the condition. Our specialised structural engineers and architects will help you with any basic and structural building services you may require.

On the inside of a property, we examine the loft space, visual inspection of the Central Heating Boiler and any gas appliances, electrical facilities and consumer units along with electrical fittings, Kitchen and Bathroom facilities, the internal condition of joinery and decorations and take Damp Meter Readings.

Our reports will offer you vital information and endorsements when constructing a new property.

So if you are looking for Commercial and Residential Surveys, call us today to speak to one of our experts.

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