London Structural Surveys

Are you on the lookout for London structural surveys? Here at Simon Matthew & Co. Ltd we provide a variety of Structural Survey services for both Residential & Commercial properties throughout London.

Here at Simon Matthews we provide home owners, property developers, landlords and many other property holders an excellent charted survey service. Our survey reports are carefully detailed outlining the possible expenses that come with a property. Our advice is second to none, with our experience we are able to offer our clients with a complete, reliable service.

There are several different services that we provide, such as:

  • Condition Report
  • Building Surveys
  • Full Structural Surveys
  • Home Buyer Surveys.

These include a Condition Report and Assessment.

London Structural Surveys
London Structural Surveys

During our structural surveys we only make statements on the fundamentals in which we can see, disregarding furniture, structure, fixtures & fittings.

We inspect all exterior foundations such as the Roof, Chimneys, Lead work (visible only) guttering, walls, windows and doors, fencing, trees which may have the potential to cause structural damage to the property and drainage, where inspection chambers are available.

On the inside we inspect the loft space, visual inspection of the Central Heating Boiler and any gas appliances, electrical facilities and consumer units along with electrical fittings, Kitchen and Bathroom facilities, internal condition of joinery and decorations and take Damp Meter Readings.

Our reports will provide you with vital information and approvals when building a new property.

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