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Are you in need of a party wall surveyor in Essex? Here at Simon Matthew & co. Ltd we have been working with the Act since 1997 and have a wealth of practice in the Party Wall ETC, Act 1996. We offer our knowledge to property owners, adjoining owners or when both parties approve an agreed surveyor. The adjoining owner’s surveyor charges are paid by the property owner the party undertaking the work. The charges are shared if maintenance work is required or if repairs are carried out to a party wall in which both parties have aa equal advantage.

As soon as the notices have been served and a dispute has begun, the party wall surveyors will meet at the adjoining owner’s property and undertake and a schedule of condition. This schedule of condition is used in the event of damage occurring to the adjoining property. The schedule of condition is attached to the party wall agreement. The party wall agreement will set out the rights and obligations of the building owner and the adjoining owner’s property and resolve disputes relating to damage which occurs related directly to the works carried out under the Party Wall Act.

If you wish to discuss the party wall act or how to serve notices or need to appoint a surveyor please contact our office and we will endeavour 2 assist you through the process.

Party Wall Etc, Act 1996

The party wall Act has been law since 1997. All home owners undertaking extensions, loft rooms or excavations work within 3m of a neighbouring property. Otherwise new boundary walls are obliged under the act to serve notice on their adjoining owners. Once the notice has been served the adjoining owner has 14 days to respond.

The Adjoining Owner can do one of 3 things;
1. consent to the notice and works proposed.
2. dissent to the notice and dispute the notice,
3. Not request a Party Wall Agreement but set certain conditions, such working hours, schedule of condition or rights of access.

Once a dispute has arisen the building owner and adjoining owners should appoint party wall surveyors.

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